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A company with more than 20 years working every day to enhance the limits of the human being and the well-being of people. Developing great products and services with cutting-edge technology and love in our processes to achieve maximum quality and satisfaction of our clients.

Industry-leading hydrating drink mix, scientifically developed with nutrients, vitamins ,minerals and amino-acids hat help strengthen the human immune system.

The food and beverage division of the legendary brand, carefully designed to hydrate, restore, generate strength, power and endurance for athletes who care for their health and well-being

Aware that health and well-being is a fundamental value. we have formulated and launched Cat®️ Revitalizing Drink Mix replaces fluids and minerals, in order to provide the necessary nutrients to help you resist hard work.


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Genetika’s “White Level Manufacturer” division is a service for business partners, from R&D, design, packaging, mixing ingredients, product packaging, among others, for new or consolidated brands.